I remember being 5 years old, sleeping in my own room, and being terrified when the lights were turned off. I would try to talk myself into feeling safe. “Nothing can hurt me”, “it’s only a shadow”,” you aren’t really seeing peoples faces, it’s just shadows”. But, inevitably the overwhelming interactions, sensations, visions, and experiences I had alone in my room at night drove me to get up out of bed, run quietly into my parents bedroom, and had me stealthily sliding into my parents in their king-size bed most nights.

I also could not understand why I felt things so deeply for other people when they did not seem to care as much as I did. When they were made fun of or laughed at, they were able to not let it bother them. But, it stuck with me, sometimes for days. My emotions and sensitivities ran very deeply. 

In high school, I was able to “read people” innermost thoughts and feelings. It was uncanny how accurate and precise I was able to “pick up” on their moods, thoughts, and motivations. I always knew when my peers were being dishonest and acting out of insecurity. All of these “insights” were often inconvenient for me. I wished that I was not always privy to people’s inner worlds. But, it made me a very sought out friend and girlfriend. People could sense that I knew and understood them, and had deep compassion for their struggles and hardships.

It was not until I turned 20 that I realized I was an Empath and Psychic. So many empathic children have these abilities but are often disregarded and considered overly too sensitive. 

Being Psychic and Empathetic is a Gift

Being Psychic and Empathic is often criticized in Western society. The socially accepted norms are to be “thick-skinned” and “intellectual”, able to put aside one’s feelings for academic, athletic, and ambitious pursuits. 

In this time of great change and polarization in our world, having children that develop their innate Psychic senses, and empathic nature can help provide the much-needed compassion, wisdom, and understanding that Western society and the modern world needs. 

Carey Kaas

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Like many of you, I grew up knowing Spirit was all around me. I was highly sensitive and could feel and intuit energy from people and the spirit world very easily. I just did not have the vocabulary for it. I was fortunate to have an open-minded, loving and progressive family, but still never had the language to describe what I was able to sense and intuit.

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