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Like many of you, I grew up knowing Spirit was all around me. I was highly sensitive and could feel and intuit energy from people and the spirit world very easily. I just did not have the vocabulary for it. I was fortunate to have an open-minded, loving and progressive family, but still never had the language to describe what I was able to sense and intuit.

When I was 18, and about to make my way into the world, I started experiencing anxiety attacks. My mother was very supportive of this struggle, and set up counseling sessions for me with a therapist who became a Guiding Mentor for me to connect with my Higher Self. 

This led to my study of meditation, creative visualization, diving into the core of issues that cause emotional pain and blocks, intuitive development and energy healing. 

meet carey

After studying and teaching at the Institute for Psychic Development in Berkeley, California. I began to wonder what the next step was for me?

To find direction, I did what I always have done. I took my questions into mediation to ask for guidance from within. The answer I received was not at all what I expected. 

I began to develop a strong relationship with my Spirit Guides, Angelic and Star Mentors. It became an integral part of my life to follow my inner guidance and messages from Spirit.

— shakti gawain

"The more light you allow within you, the brighter the world you live in will be."

It took a whole lot of trust....

the journey today 

I could not believe what I was hearing. "A Hairstylist? Seriously? ".  I knew I needed a direction, a career path, to follow in order to prosper. 25 years ago, the path for an Intuitive Healer was not formed as solidly as it is now as a means to make a viable living. But this guidance seemed to veer off my path completely. I did not understand this at all. This was a superficial path, not spiritual at all. My Guides persisted with this information, every time I would ask, the answer was the same. 

After a year, I finally took a leap of faith and enrolled in Cosmetology school at Vidal Sassoon in Los Angeles. 

I spent the next 15 years falling in love with hair, my clients and serving them, found love, got married, had two incredible children. I regularly checked in with my Guides to be sure I was on the right path.

spirit always has a plan 

I integrated my spiritual gifts into my life. I continued to do energy work when called upon, I did Intuitive readings when Spirit nudged me. I was able to see as a Medium where Energy was held. I could see peoples past lives. 

Yet, it was done behind the scenes. Many people did not know that I was an Intuitive. I asked the Guides many times. 

out  of the Spiritual Closet

My developed gifts of being a Spiritual Guide, Intuitive Channel and Medium never waned. It always seemed as though I was developing solid skills in order to support my Spiritual gifts. It was all a matter of timing.  2020 made everything Crystal Clear for me. The next step of the journey began.

It all made sense, I was faced with having several months off from working at the salon. My children are young adults in college and high school making lives for themselves. 

This is exactly when Spirit stepped in. Every morning I was led to mediate and channel information that my "Spirit Team" had for me. They laid out a plan for me to launch programs for Intuitive development, Energy Healing, and Spiritual development. It was time to launch, share the work and information that had been given to me from my teachers, and Spirit Guides for all of those years. 

What I have discovered during the years in between my deep mediumship was my practical ability to connect . I never lost my Channel to Spirit, but I was given time to master all of the skills that are required to be a solid Mentor, professional Intuitive, Guide and business professional. 

I am SO EXCITED that you have decided to take the time for yourself, on your journey to see if this will be a place where you can be supported, grow spiritually and personally.

in the light,


"Am I meant to do this as work yet?" "Not yet they would say, not yet."

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Tigers Eye


Lemurian Crystal

I want to be able to hear Spirit, Clairaudience

Rose Quartz

Blue Tourmaline

Tigers Eye





Crystals are an incredible gift, that heal, align and bring us closer to our authentic selves

"I LOVED my reading with Carey! I was SO AMAZED she knew I had been feeling my gifts and encountered spirit at age 3! That's literally when I feel it all started or when I first became aware I had spiritual friends I call them. She has really inspired me to practice and utilize my gifts more with others something I have held back doing for so long! Thank you Carey." 

- Jennifer, May 2020

What I'm Known For

I connect deeply with animals. Connecting with their loving, unconditional energy is a huge part of my life. My family and I currently have 2 dogs, a cat and two bunny rabbits.

 I live in Portland, Oregon with my husband and we have 2 children, a teenage daughter and a son in his 20’s. They are both incredibly strong, kind and giving humans. We are very proud of them.

We love being so close to nature. Hiking, going to the beach and exploring the city are some of our favorite things to do. I love connecting with the nature Elementals in Oregon!

Despite being a Psychic, Medium, Channel and Energy Healer. I am a main stream mom, friend and wife. I feel called to share light everywhere I go.

" I trust my intuition. I am willing to listen to that still, small voice within."

 - Louise Hay



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