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Common Qs and As:

i invite you to ask any questions, and request more information if needed 

How Do I know This will work? 

The practice of energy healing and reading energy is not new. It's been studied for thousands of years and is based on scientific principles like physics and frequencies. In the Western world, we tend to focus on pharmaceutical modalities rather than energetic ones. That should not discount the millions who have worked with angels, guides, ancestors, spirits, and vibrations to heal and support their lives.

My students have given testimony to the methods in the course design and the supportive environment cultivated within our community.

Will I become psychic?

We all have intuitive abilities and, to some degree, psychic gifts. The problem is, most of us have denied our gifts which has allowed them to dull over time. I guide my students, and clients, to discover which clair is most prevalent in their own life - that is, the ability to see, hear, feel, or know things beyond the physical realm of understanding.

how long does transformation take?

There is no one, true answer for this. We are all unique beings with our own life purpose, energetic blocks, and beliefs. Your transformation will depend on having an open mind, the practice you do with affirmations, meditations to connect and cultivate a relationship with spirit, working with the tools you are given, as well as the distinct way you are meant to serve in the world.

Some of my students, and clients saw transformation and an increase in their spiritual gifts much more quickly than others.