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The Channeled Way

An in-depth course experience to enhance, activate and solidify your Channeling gifts, and your communication with aligned, spiritual beings

Course is released September 12, 2021

have you been wanting to:

Deepen your spiritual path?

Have an authentic connection to the wisdom of spirit?

Expand your intuitive abilities?

Connect with your Spiritual Guides and wise beings of light?

Opening to Channel and communicate with spirit, is an incredible way to gain clarity in your life.

Understand the secrets of the Universe.

Connect with the wisdom of Ascended masters, the Divine Feminine, Archangels, Interdimensional Beings, the Elemental realm, and more!

In this in depth, comprehensive, self-paced course, Carey will take you on a journey to learn to practically connect and telepath with these incredible Guides. You will be surrounded by others on their path through an ongoing, private Facebook group to practice, support and grow in your abilities.

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Her aim is to make the Supernatural, Natural.

— rachel

Carey is a rare and masterful channel. I have seen countless readers, psychics, intuitives and channels in my lifetime (truly) and I have never experienced such a powerful and impactful reading as I had with Carey.

This course will contain 10 modules including:

- The foundations of opening to channel
- Clearing out limiting beliefs and programming
- Opening up your spiritual centers to be able to connect with these incredible beings
- Being a master of your own space whale channeling : Grounding, Discernment, Alignment, Integrity and wisdom


The Elemental realm, Fairies, Deva’s, Dragons, Gnomes, Sasquatch, Gaia

The Divine Feminine, Isis, Mary Magdalene, Quan Yin, Mother Mary, the Taras, and more

Your Higher Self, and Gatekeeper Guide, Your healing Guides

Interdimensional Beings | ET’S

The Ascended Masters

Councils of Light

The ceremony of meeting and connecting with:

save my seat!

— ingvild

Carey is an amazing teacher, mentor and channel. She has been guiding me through a wonderful journey of learning, practicing on other participants, and then gently pushing me to doing readings. Making sure I feel safe, confident and trust myself.


Carey Kaas is an Intuitive Channel, Quantum Healer and a Teacher of Spiritual growth and ascension.

She has over 25 years experience working with students to open and connect with their spiritual gifts.

Her combination of experience, warmth, deep clarity and grounded approach, make her the perfect Guide for all seekers wanting to open up to their gifts.

— kathryn

Carey's Intuitive Course was one of the best investments I ever made!

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