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An open heart is all that is required 

Have you always been curious about what's out there? Always knowing and believing there is more to life than just what you see? Have you felt uncertain about how to open up and use your abilities?

 We all come into this world with unique spiritual abilities. Over time, we lost touch with these messages about our life purpose and inner knowing. Maybe it's day-to-day routines, or the demands of our roles of child, partner, friend, employee, or maybe it's self doubt and mindset. Society doesn't support our spiritual nature, and so we close it down.

The good news is we don't have to stay "lost." Energy is always available to us, and Spirit is always waiting to show us the way.

We just need to ask.

...and listen.

i'm ready

Tools for Life

When you understand your spiritual gifts and how to use them properly, you experience more flow in your life. Things just become easier whether it's making connections with people, being a healer or Intuitive professional, or enjoying a sense of purpose, alignment and prosperity.

this is right for

a desire to develop your Intuitive gifts and connect with your Spirit Guides?

you FEEL...

curious and ready to take a deep dive into who you are as a spiritual being, but uncertain of which path is the one that will bring you what you desire?

you ARE...

an abundant life that is bursting with blessings and rich with fulfillment, meaning, purpose and growth?

you want...


An in-depth session which will be customized and centered around your questions.

An in-depth Quantum Energy Healing which could include a variety of modalities to help you release and transmute blocks in your body and energy field.

I will take a deep look into your Energy field to see what might be holding you back in your business, what messages are being given to you from your higher self and spirit team. 

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spiritUal SESSIONS




& channeling session


customized reading

- Kathryn N.

"carey's intuitive course was one of the best investments i ever made! i was hesitant to dive in at the beginning because I wasn't confident in my skills. i knew that my soul was guiding me towards this work but the lack of confidence also kept me in my comfort zone"



customized reading

A perfect event to host at a gathering with open minded friends. This is a customized reading, tailored to what you hope to focus on for your guests.

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If you have felt a desire to CONNECT WITH YOUR SPIRIT GUIDES, DEVELOP YOUR INTUITION IN A SUPPORTIVE, DOWN TO EARTH GROUP where you can explore your Mystical/Spiritual curiosity and experiences. This course is for you!  It is a part self paced course experience and part LIVE sessions experience. The Intuitive Way course along with your dedication to "showing up for LIVE sessions will fully integrate your Spiritual gifts and connection to Source into your Daily life experience .

psychic & spiritual development  course

the intuitive WAY

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During this powerful session, we will take a journey into your Akashic records. The Akashic records, or the Akash, is the entire history of the Souls wisdom. It is an expansive field of knowledge and history, which brings illumination and healing into any session.

a  READING & healng session

Explore the  Akashic records 

spiritUal readings

"I have known Carey for 14 years. She has always been gentle and nurturing. When speaking with Carey, I always feel safe and loved. Her connection to Spirit is easy to see and feel. Carey recently shared her insight with me about my Spirit Guides and reaffirmed that I was on the right track spiritually. It felt peaceful and genuine.

 - kelli ryan

"Feeling so uplifted and energized after my mini reading! Thank you so much - it really resonated with me on so many levels and was exactly what I needed to hear. I loved the message about not thinking of others as teachers as this is something I often do, by thinking I'm on a lower level to them but really I just need to embrace my own abilities more and be confident in them. It was so interesting to hear directly what my spirit was saying and I would love to connect with them more now! I've even purchased some new light, colorful clothes following a message from my spirit guide that I should embrace my fairy-like personality more! Thanks again so much."

- KATIE, MAY 2020

"My session with Carey was totally unexpected. It literally just fell in my lap and I thought why not, give it a try?! Carey didn't know me at all and when she did my reading, she hit the nail on the head with what I'm dealing with internally. It was really cool to watch it all unfold! I walked away feeling a mixture of reassurance, confidence, and peace! I look forward to working with her again in the future!

- TARA, MAY 2020

"My reading with Carey was magical and enlightening! One of my spirit guides came through quite strongly during the reading, and offered such special guidance. The reading felt so good, it brought me to tears at a few points throughout. I believe nothing in life is a coincidence, so I know this session with Carey was meant to be, and was given to me for a reason. I'm grateful for meeting Carey and for the beautiful messages she passed on to me.

 - Jillian L.



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